At Mycarematters we have been discussing what our approach should be in response to the current situation and how we can best serve the community, in the knowledge that it might be a number of months before normal activities can resume.

We would usually be working with hospitals and care homes, attending carers’ groups and other community events to introduce Mycarematters and the new My Future Care Handbook. Those activities are obviously impossible for now, but we are conscious that our products and services are relevant and helpful at this time, so we shall continue to raise awareness and provide such free resources as we are able via social media. This will include a PDF of the Mycarematters profile for anyone to download, plus other information and forms from the My Future Care Handbook to help people take informed decisions around their future care.

We are proud of our policy of proactively seeking out and sharing useful advice, resources and general information on Twitter, of relevance to health and social care professionals and individuals, and have every intention of continuing to do so, through and beyond these current challenging circumstances.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, our primary purpose is to make a positive difference to people’s lives and to be financially sustainable whilst doing so. Much as we would love to, we do not have the funds to provide all of our products and services for free, but we are actively seeking partnerships with larger organisations to enable us to deliver them at the lowest possible cost. If you think that you / your organisation may be able to benefit from such a partnership, please get in touch!

Click here to access a blank Mycarematters profile, a free extract from the My Future Care Handbook.